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Registration of a Doctoral Project

You have taken the first and most difficult steps: You have found a team of supervisors and agreed on a topic. Now you make it official at the Medical Research School! Please remember to do so within the first 3 months of starting your research.

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For a successful doctoral thesis, we support you with workshops tailored to your needs. They are part of the structured training program which is mandatory for all doctoral researchers at the Faculty of Medicine. Doctoral researchers in the PhD program go through a mandatory basic and cluster curriculum.

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Change in Supervision

If there is to be a change in your supervisors, indicate the change via the online form and the supervisors concerned will approve it by e-mail. Final approval is given by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine.

The final exam

Almost done - you want to submit your thesis for assessment. You will find all information on being admitted for a doctorate as well as the forms and contact details on the following pages. The office for doctorate matters within the Graduate Center is responsible for managing and administrating the doctoral examination procedure. 


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If only I had known...

Some questions only come up when there's a problem or the supervision does not go well. Here are the most important things about good scientific practice, authorship, accident insurance and scholarships. And above all: Who owns the data?

German Act on Fixed-Term Scientific Contracts (WissZV Gesetz)

The German Act on Fixed-Term Scientific Contracts regulates how long doctoral candidates can be employed as academic staff. To avoid unpleasant surprises, here is some information and links.

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