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Application & Registration - PhD in Medical Sciences

You have found a topic and a working group for your research project and your supervisory team is ready? Your Master's degree was graded 2.0 or better?
Time to get started!
But: The registration of a PhD project goes hand in hand with an application!


To be accepted into the PhD programme you need to hand in an application which will be reviewed by the PhD Committee of the Faculty of Medicine.

First download the document "Project Outline and Supervision Agreement", fill it out and have it signed. Then prepare all documents as described in the "Checklist" and "Guide to Registration for PhD in Medical Sciences" and upload the comlete documents as PDF (max. 2 MB per PDF). Please take care of the registration deadline of 3 months within starting your research. You will receive a confirmation when your registration was successful.

After approval from the PhD Committee you will be accepted into the programme and registrered at the Medical Research School. Now you can start your doctoral project. Good luck!

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