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With the help of our courses in core competencies, you will acquire important skills that will support you in the course of your doctorate. These include basics in literature research and processing as well as scientific writing, presentation and the analysis and interpretation of research data.

The majority of courses offered by medRSD is held in German. If you have a good command of the German language please switch to our German website to find the offer.

Indexing and handling research data

Scientific Image Processing and Analysis
medRSD - Handling and processing of digital images starting from microscopic image acquisition to the incorporation into the final publication figure.

Introduction to the statistical software R
medRSD - medRSD - Getting to know the scripting language, reading in complex data sets, data sorting and data retrieval, exploratory data analyses, creating graphs and descriptive and inferential statistical procedures.

Scientific Writing

Optimizing writing strategies for Publishing in English
iGRAD - structural and language norms for scientific papers published in English, writing and revising strategies, draft texts methodically, pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses, and revise them effectively.

Writing Papers and Theses in the Life Sciences
iGRAD - The participants will be guided through the entire process of scientific writing, step by step. The workshop starts with the first drafts of the scientific story, deals with the generation of figures and texts, and intensively discusses the contents and logic that reviewers expect from a good manuscript.

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