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Microsoft Excel Basics

The aim of the event is a secure handling of Excel. To begin, your basics will be refreshed. We then delve deeper into the topics of “creating tables independently, formatting, editing data lists, getting to know basic functions and creating charts”.

Workshop Content

First steps with Excel   

  •    Starting Excel
  •    The screen layout
  •    Creating and opening Excel spreadsheets

Working in Excel sheets

  •    Entering data
  •    Copying and pasting cells
  •    Inserting and merging rows and columns
  •    Saving Excel workbooks
  •    Inserting and editing comments
  •    Entering formula


  •    Formatting of rows and columns
  •    Changing number formats
  •    Drawing frames
  •    Formatting pages

Extended Range of Application

  •    Cell references (relative and absolute)
  •    Creating styles
  •    Conditional formatting


  •    The Function Wizard
  •    Example usage of functions


  •    Basic information about charts
  •    Creating and editing charts


  •    Selecting a printer
  •    Configuring printer settings

Ontaris GmbH & Co. KG
Ansprechpartnerin: Frau Tust
E-Mail-Adresse: schulung@ontaris.de

Audience Doctoral students in medicine (Members of medRSD),
Supervisors and Postdocs,
Scientific researchers
Language English
Credits medRSD Additional offers
Credits PhD Programme Cluster Curriculum
Capacity 12
Costs 250 € for External Participants,
Free for doctoral researchers and research associates at the Faculty of Medicine of HHU