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Project Management for Doctoral Researchers

Scientific work mainly takes place in the form of projects; for (young) scientists, this results in various tasks and far-reaching opportunities. In order to strengthen their position and enable them to carry out projects successfully(more), we will deal with the following topics in this workshop:

  •     From the idea to the project: planning realistically.
  •     Is it possible? Costs, capacities and risks
  •     Cui bono? Who benefits from my project?
  •     Implementing projects effectively and efficiently - using tools and facilitating processes
  •     Use creativity
  •     Project control: recording progress and facilitating changes
  •     Project management and communication: clarify responsibilities, achieve goals together, use transparency
  •     Taking responsibility- documentation: record, retrieve and use successfully
  •     Other topics requested by the participants can be included.

In this workshop you will learn practical basics for successful project management. At the same time, we will develop concrete approaches and procedures for direct implementation in your projects.

Dr. Peter Schröder
Selbstständiger Trainer und Berater

Audience Doctoral researchers in medicine (Members of medRSD)
Language English
Credits medRSD Key qualifications
Credits PhD-Programme Basic or Cluster Curriculum
Capacity 12
Costs 450 € for External Participants,
Free of charge for doctoral researchers and scientific employees of the Medical Faculty of the HHU