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Scientific Integrity at the Faculty of Medicine of the HHU

Compliance with the rules of good scientific practice is the most elementary and important basis for conducting good research. Therefore, all scientists at the Heinrich Heine University are obliged to follow the principles of good scientific work.

Code "Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice

On the DFG's "Scientific Integrity" pages you will find the DFG's "Guidelines for Ensuring Good Scientific Practice" code published in 2019.

In 19 guidelines, appropriate standards for scientific work are described and commented on in a practical manner. Higher education institutions and non-university research institutions implement the guidelines as a prerequisite for receiving funding from the DFG.

Based on the code "Guidelines for Ensuring Good Scientific Practice" published by the DFG in 2019, the guidelines for ensuring good scientific practice at Heinrich Heine University were amended.

Doctoral and postdoctoral students at the Faculty of Medicine are obliged to participate in an event on good scientific practice.

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