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Key qualifications

Key qualifications are personal skills that can support you in your career and personal development. These are taught in courses on communication, organisation and management.

The majority of courses offered by medRSD is held in German. If you have a good command of the German language please switch to our German website to find the offer.

Leadership, Management and Organisation

Project Management for Doctoral Researchers
medRSD - Practical basics for successful project management

Leadership Skills
iGRAD - Management styles, The leadership role – self-conception and expectations, Motivation – intrinsic versus extrinsic, Leading teams: Groups dynamics and team building, Clear and outcome-oriented communication, Management by objectives

Preparing for Potential Conflicts
iGRAD - Define conflicts in a neutral manner, Understand conflict cause/effect, Conflicts in different forms - personal, interpersonal, structural, steps of conflict escalation, options of preventing and managing conflicts.

Introduction to Project Management and Working in Teams
iGRAD - Especially in settings where several persons with different interests are working together on complex tasks and projects, an optimal project management is essential.

Communication and Rhetoric

Negotiation Training
iGRAD - Handle negotiation situations with poise and confidence, improve your ability to reach mutually satisfactory outcomes, reduce deadlocks and adversarial situations, increase personal confidence that will spread to other aspects of your job or life.

Discussing (in) Science - How to succeed in (interdisciplinary) discussions, debates and meetings
iGRAD - The workshop strongly focusses on dynamic communication situations and related vital skills like rhetoric, argumentation and debating.

Self competencies and Career

Career Planning in Business - How to shape your future
iGRAD - Create profile of skills and qualifications, strengths and accomplishments, Develop a vision for your own professional and private life, Review and evaluation of personal development goals, Detect your professional network, Identify your next steps

Success in Companies
iGRAD - If you consider a business career after completing your university degree, this workshop explains the essentials: the general principles, rules and behaviors in a business environment.

Time Management - Get more done with less effort
iGRAD - This interactive workshop focuses on the individual and their success habits and shall provide tools, techniques and tips regarding personal time management, decision making, and communication.

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